Locally based CSR activities

It’s our goal to assist our hometown of Kure to continue its growth into the future.
We believe that the energy inherent in young people is necessary to stimulate a region such as ours.
To this end, we provide internships and perform manufacturing activities with local schools with the hope of creating an environment
in which the next generation of citizens of Kure can enjoy a more comfortable work-life balance here at home.


Image of young people learning about technology

For young people who will carry the future

KAZUM is a proud participant in creative workshops for young people held by Hiroshima Prefecture’s board of education. We also hold proficiency testing for young innovators of the future utilizing both our technology and experience.

Image of young engineers in training


Solar car

Helping inquiring young minds grow

We strongly believe that the passion for creativity found in our young people is indispensable to the creation of a better future for the Earth and its citizens. That’s why KAZUM was proud to help the Eco Tech Team at Goko High School in Kure, Japan in developing a solar car.

Image of assistance being provided to students


Image of interns in training

Opening a new door to the world through hands-on experience

Our internships offer young people an unprecedented learning experience. Here at KAZUM, interns are able to do hands-on training at the actual job site—an experience that enables them to realize the potential they have within.

Employee speaking to students

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