An integrated system featuring the technology KAZUM is proud of

The technical prowess of our Welding, Machine, and Assembly departments is regarded as first-class by our clients.
We now utilize this technical prowess for our new thermoforming machine services, which enable us to better serve our clients and their needs.

  1. 1 WELDING

    We weld products of all sizes

    KAZUM is able to weld everything from thin items up to large items 10 tons in size. Our young welding technicians carry out their job with customer satisfaction in mind.
    We also plan to enlarge the number of fields we cater our welding services to in the future.

    • Image of young welding technician working
    • Image of employee welding

    Image of welding performed using a handheld welding mask

    Employee welding using a handheld welding mask


    Machining technology for a high-precision finishing

    We use a wide variety of tools to form products that satisfy our customers, including C lathes, machining centers, 5-axis milling machines, and five face machining centers. Small-lot orders are performed by veteran technicians using general‐purpose machines.

    • Image of machinery being operated
    • Image of machinery operating

    Image of machining in progress

    Image of machining in progress


    We handle assembly of items up to 20-tons in weight

    We have experience assembling products for clients in a wide range of industries and also perform all types of piping required for products. Our goal is to provide customers with products they can use securely and safely.

    • Image of young employee operating machinery
    • Image of employee operating machinery to perform assembly

    Image of employee performing manual assembly

    Employee performing manual assembly


    We’re a one-stop-shop for all your needs!

    After assembling products, we then go right on to the electric wiring process. That way, we can send the finished product directly on to the end user, without having to go through the customer. It’s that kind of service that we aim to provide to customers.

    • Employee performing electric wiring
    • Electric wiring

    Wires being repaired

    Wires being repaired by an employee


    Enhanced efficiency through optimized part procurement

    Even the parts we can’t manufacture in-house can be procured without affecting quality, costs or deadlines. We’re also able to source parts from outside Japan, including from manufacturers in South Korea or Taiwan. Our motto is “Optimized Procurement.”

    • Procured part
    • Part procured through KAZUM

    Rod-shaped parts procured through KAZUM

    Rod-shaped parts procured through KAZUM

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