Sheet forming machine with simultaneous trimming functionKTF-740-50T(S)

A revolutionary sheet forming machine with simultaneous trimming function

A Forming Machine That Uses a New Method Researched and Developed Through the Application of Our Long-term.
The KTF-740-50T(S) was designed in coordination with Eikei System Ltd., and features a revolutionary design. KAZUM Co., Ltd. performs all machining, assembly, and testing/adjusting in-house to maintain consistency.


The world’s first upper-forming thermoforming machine with a simultaneous trimming function

It can be used for either simultaneous trimming or upper/lower deep drawing forming with post trimming.
Upper forming enables accumulating to be performed without the intrusion of foreign matter.

  • This is the world’s first simultaneous trimming thermoforming machine to use an upper forming method to prevent the intrusion of foreign matter.

  • The containers are raised using air cylinders as they move along the conveyor.

  • Cups can be accumulated either facing downwards or horizontally, facilitating inspections for foreign matter and cleaning processes.

Sheet forming machine with simultaneous trimming function KTF+Auto Trimmer

We’re also able to retrofit post trimming equipment to your existing trimming machine.

  • Both simultaneous and post trimming are possible, as is use with an auto trimmer.

  • Selection is possible from various trimming patterns that can be changed as needed to suit the mold.

  • Image of products moving along conveyor belt.


Equipment Type Upper/lower plug assist, compressed air/vacuum forming
Forming speed: 2.0 seconds (minimum)
Forming Area Simultaneous trimming: 700 (W) × 400 mm
Post trimming: 750 (W) × 600 mm
Lower cabinet forming: 210 mm
Upper cabinet forming: 130 mm
Forming Drive System AC servo motor/link drive system
Maximum Mold Clamping Force During lower cabinet forming: 500 kN
During upper cabinet forming: 160 kN
Sheet Heater Heating system: 3-shot heating
Heater: Made by Elstein-Werk M. Steinmetz GmbH & Co. KG
  • • Upper heater (normal machine)
    • Total heater count: 120
    • Total upper heater capacity: 48 kW
  • • Lower heater (quick response machine)
    • Total heater count: 120
    • Total lower heater capacity: 48 kW
Accumulator Attachment

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