We’re confident in our technical prowess

By manufacturing each part with care, we’ve succeeded in gaining the trust of our many clients.
The products we manufacture are utilized in various industries and play a part in our society’s improvement.
Here are some examples of the work we perform.


We’re a trusted supplier of major Japanese paper converting machinery manufacturers. KAZUM manufactures various products, some of which can also be assembled here. In the future, we plan to enhance our coordination services, which include the on-site electrical wiring of parts.

Cardboard boxes

Paper converting machinery parts


We’re also able to manufacture and machine critical printer parts from a raw material state. In the future, we plan to significantly enhance our coordination services, including our part manufacturing capabilities, so that we can better meet our client’s needs.


Printer parts


Our products are used in various industries including the energy and environmental sectors, as well as by steel manufacturers and parking lots. KAZUM is known as a trusted supplier by its clients that makes daily efforts to enhance its welding, machining, assembly, and purchasing capabilities.


Various parts

We’re happy to customize parts to client specifications and welcome your inquiries.

The examples shown here are just some of the products we manufacture. Using its know-how, KAZUM is able to machine products exactly to customer specifications.
Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have regarding costs and manufacturing timelines.

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